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Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany is a portal of music streaming directory that is available through internet.
Here we provide many online radio and music stations freely with various genres. We do not broadcast streaming content and copyright information,
except station information and as well as their official website links. We focus at making it easier for the users who are looking for appropriate stations.

Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany is not the owner of the media streaming and the copyright or ownership of any radio station remains with the broadcaster.
User must agree with the terms and condition of the station owners. We respect the broadcaster privacy policy.
Some of the stations are not allowed out-side of their site, we use pop up window media player of that site.
If you are the content owner of any radio station and want to remove from this site, please contact us via email or through the form below.
( mail id : a.dezius@gmail.com or andreasdeius@gmail.com )

About Us

Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany is a directory of music streaming stations.
Here we provide online radio and music stations with various genres freely that are available on web.
We focus at making it easier for the people who are looking for appropriate music or radio stations.
Our goal is that tuning to your favorite stations would be easy, fun and enjoyable.

We know and respect the rights of the content owners. Links to external sites are opened in a new window to either the appropriate media player,or to the content site where possible.

We are still working to give users better experience to interact with our site and we always encourage you to report any problem of any station.
You also can contribute to Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany the biggest online radio station directory by submitting new radio stations in our directory.

Also, stay tuned to our site and spread the things to social media and to your friends.
We are developing and also we are very much in the process of fixing things. We appreciate your valuable suggestions and feedback.


We are pleased for your interest in advertising with us. Its now possible to advertise
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Its fairly easy to submit your Ads on Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany , the only thing that is required for this is a Google Adword account.
You can always sign up for such an account by Clicking Here. Through this process your Ads can go live in our site with the minimum amount of trouble,
without requiring any head scratching Ad setup procedure. In short, after you are done completing you Ad,
just get to the step that says “Target Your Ad”, click the “list URLs” radio button,
enter “Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany” and after that you need to click on the “Get available placements” option.
Finally by completing the requiring steps, you should be able to Advertise with us. 

Feel free to tips us with your valuable suggestions on improving the overall experience of Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany. Contact Us

Internetradio Radio SAM Broadcaster GermanyRadio SAM Broadcaster Germany


WELCOME TO singers and bands
that we advertise on our
Radio station for you at no costs.

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Anton Freddie Thomas

-I'm a Music Artist with a passion for good meaningful music, making a good difference in peoples lives is my first priority in life, contact me on (+27)62 811 5161 or find me on Facebook for any inquiries...


Adri Van Heerden

 Live shows on Facebook with great songs to enjoy.On Weekendsand through the week.


Chrissie Rossouw

Chrissie Rossouw aka Chrissie Kletz, Vocal artist, Songwriter and Composer, Radio Presenter, Sound, and Film Producer. Co-Owner of Angel Music Studio Productions.



Magdel Spanellis

I was born in Namibia and live in a small town called Gansbaai. I love spending time in nature and finding secret places... my passion in life is children animals and singing. I love performing on stage and entertaining people.


 KayCee(Karla Christene)

Singing at shows from 2008 Part time singer from 2012 Full time singer from March 2016


Coenie Claassen

Singer-songwriter in love with music und Deutsch .Die schönste Sprache in die ganze Welt.


 Sàmy Viviers

No Details


Nicky de Kock

No Details

We Advertise Singer from South Africa and Germany as well as Bands ,we play their songs on our Radio Stations,what
do ask in exchange , some of their Great Songs,that we can play them on our Top Radio
Stations here in Germany.

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Internetradio Radio SAM Broadcaster GermanyRadio SAM Broadcaster Germany