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Christina Betz – Das Leben geht weiter (bleib wo du bist…)

Wenn nach Jahren die Beziehung plötzlich endet, ist das die beste Gelegenheit die Gefühle in einem Song zu verarbeiten.
Auch wenn es für Christina schwer war den Song zu veröffentlichen, da dieser alle Enttäuschung, Selbstzweifel, Trauer und auch Wut über das unerwartete Aus der Beziehung behandelt, war dieser Schritt wichtig um sich frei zu machen.
Die Sängerin sagt selbst zu dem Titel:
„Es hat also etwas Mut gebraucht das öffentlich zu machen.Da aber fast jeder Mensch schon solch eine Erfahrung im Leben machen musste, wollte ich damit sagen dass es immer weiter geht im Leben und Anderen damit Trost zu spenden und natürlich auch Mut zu machen. Man muss sich neu sortieren und weitermachen. Also nie vergessen ….das Leben geht weiter und bleib wo du bist….“
Die Musik begleitet die Künstlerin schon ihr ganzes Leben und war immer für sie da. Aus einer kindlichen Leidenschaft wurde ein Hobby, welches durch Unterricht und Training bald zu den ersten Songs führte.
Die Melodie wurde von der Berliner Musikerin Bernadette La Hengst inspiriert und der Text stammt von Christina Betz.

Language straight into the ear


You want to learn German? Languages are more easily memorized through rhythm and melodies. Here we give a few tips for learning German with music.

“It can divide or bring people together. It can influence and enchant you. It cheers you up or makes you shudder.” The “it” that the Munich band EINSHOCH6 is extolling in its song “Lass uns reden” (Let’s Talk) is language. But the subject could just as well be music. Nor is this an accident. Music and

language have a lot in common: both work with melody, rhythm and intonation. So if you want to learn German, you can listen your way into the sound and rhythm of the language with music.

There are many German-language pop musicians and music projects that offer good learning assistance. For example, the hip hop group EINSHOCH6: the songs and subtitled music videos of their two albums Lass uns reden” and “Reise um die Welt” (Travel Around the World) can be downloaded with texts and interactive exercises developed for language learning. Together with the Deutsche Welle, EINSHOCH6 has also produced a

video diary. In the 40 episodes of this online language course, the band takes viewers on a journey across Germany.

 Concentrated listening and singing along

Using pop instead of rap, the Goethe Institut project “

Lautstark helps deepen beginners’ and advanced learners ‘understanding of German. It presents 15 successful German pop songs with their lyrics, among others by Seed, Materia and the Toten Hosen. Accompanying these are teaching materials for German lessons from levels A1 to B2

The website

LyricsGaps offers even more music with German texts and appropriate exercises. There you can search in other languages as well as in German for the lyrics of various bands. There is a

YouTube video

and a text to follow the music with for each piece. If you want to practice more, you can display the song as a fill-in-the-blank text in several levels of difficulty.

No matter what projects or paths you choose, listen carefully and sing along, even if you don’t understand all the words. Best is to read the lyrics while listening and replay the songs often

Germany's Schlager superstars still hitting the right note

Germany's biggest Schlager festival came to Hamburg at the weekend. DW profiles this uniquely
European music genre, which combines traditional folk, Johann Strauss waltzes and pop sensibilities with kitschy stage antics.


Helene Fischer

Since she emerged as a singer and variety TV star willing to revive a distinctly old-fashioned repertoire of uplifting Schlager ballads, Fischer has sold well over



Jürgen Drews

Jürgen Drews landed a mega hit with "Ein Bett im Kornfeld" ("A bed in a cornfield") in 1976. Today, Germans label the seemingly ageless singer "king of Mallorca" because he has for decades been a staple on the German party scene on the Spanish island. Drews actually started his career playing the banjo in a jazz band.


10 million records in Germany alone. Songs like "Atemlos durch die Nacht" ("Breathless Through the Night") have dominated the charts, and the Russian-born pop princess is no stranger to kitschy TV shows like Schlagercountdown.

Michael Holm

The 1969 "Mendocino" was Michael Holm's first big hit, and "Tränen lügen nicht" ("Tears don't lie") made it to first place in the charts in 1974. He helped orchestrate a mega Schlager revival in the late 1990s by producing Guildo Horn's hit album "Danke" in 1997.



Katja Ebstein

She won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1980 and came in third twice, in 1970 and 1971 - Katja Ebstein is regarded as the competition's German grande dame. Ebstein's hit song "Wunder gibt es immer wieder" ("There will always be miracles") is an integral part of the German Schlager repertoire. Ebstein also acts in plays, is involved in social projects and politically active.


Drafi Deutscher

The Berlin-born singer and composer (and songwriter for Boney M. and others) rose from obscurity in 1965 with his immortal Schlager anthem, "Marmor, Stein, und Eisen bricht" ("Marble Breaks And Iron Bends") — an English version later charted in the US. The boy from working-class Wedding was a rebel who had issues with alcohol, but still released some 260 songs before his death in 2006.



Jürgen Marcus

Known for his blonde locks, casual hip swing and beaming smile, Marcus' 1972 release "A New Love is like a New Life" has become one of the best-known songs in Schlager history, a staple of any German record collection. "Music is wonderful because you can capture people's emotions," Marcus once said of the sing-along favorites he performed incessantly until his recent death in May at the age of 69



Having sold more than 50 million albums since his 1967 solo debut, Heino is a Schlager pioneer known for his trademark dark sunglasses, platinum mop top and rich baritone voice. His smash hits range from "Jenseits des Tales" ("Beyond the Valley") to covers of controversial folk tunes such as "Schwarzbraun ist die Haselnuss" ("Black-brown is the Hazelnut") that were sung by the Hitler Youth.

Andrea Jürgens

Andrea Jürgens was a 10-year-old in 1977 when she sang what would become one of the all-time Schlager classics, "Und dabei liebe ich euch beide" ("And Yet I Love You Both"), which was composed by Schlager hit-maker Jack White. Child star Jürgens would peak young, but returned with a No. 1 in 2010 with "I Only Have a Heart." She died of kidney failure in 2017 after a 40-year career.

Guildo Horn

Schlager has had its fair share of miscreants and eccentrics who are not afraid to play with the genre's kitschy cliches. With his trademark high-energy hilarity (including climbing all over the stage during his 1998 Eurovision appearance), and gaudy velvet green suit, this Schlager provocateur hit the charts in the 1990s with songs like "I like Steffi Graf" and "Guildo loves you."

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Rex Gildo (July 2, 1939 - October 26, 1999) was a German singer of schlager ballads who reached the height of his popularity in the 1960s and…

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Sarah Engels (born on October 15, 1992 in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia) is a German singer. Engels is best known for finishing in 2nd place in…

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Nino de Angelo (born Domenico Gerhard Gorgoglione on 18th December 1963 in Karlsruhe, Germany) is a German actor and singer of Italian ancestry,…

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Hansi Hinterseer was a fantastic, successful downhill skier for many years on the Austrian Ski Team. He was born and raised in one of the best…

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DJ Ötzi was born Gerhard Friedle in St. Johann in Tirol, where he was raised by foster parents and later by his grandmother. An epileptic, Friedle…

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Michael Holm (* July 29th 1943 in Szczecin) is a well-known German singer, Musician, Songwriter and Producer.

Above all he is known as a Schlager…

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Katja Ebstein (Girlachsdorf, March 9, 1945 ) is a German singer. She has represented Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest in three years:…

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Franz Hubert Wolfgang Remling (Wolfgang Petry) was born in Cologne-Raderthal on the 22th of September 1951.

Schlager (German Schlager,…


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Claudia Jung (born Ute Krumenast April 12, 1964 in Ratingen , Germany ), is a German schlager singer and politician.
From 1974 till 1980 Claudia…

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    Udo Jürgens (born Udo Jürgen Bockelmann; 30 September 1934 – 21 December 2014) was an Austrian-Swiss composer and singer of popular music…





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Peter Wackel (born 1977 in Erlangen as Steffen Peter Haas) is a German singer and entertainer known for his party-themed pop/schlager music. He…

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Tony Marshall was born in Baden-Baden as Herbert Anton Bloeth (later changed to Herbert Anton Hilger). He first trained in Karlsruhe as an opera…



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The Schürzenjäger, formerly known as Zillertaler Schürzenjäger, were founded in 1973 and are one of the most successful Austrian bands.


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Frank Duval (born November 22, 1940, Berlin) is a German composer, conductor, producer, songwriter and singer.

He is someone who has never allowed…

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Cassandra Steen (born February 9, 1980 in Ostfildern-Ruit, Baden-Württemberg) is an Afro-German singer, also known as lead singer of the band…


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