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Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany

Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany
Steedener weg
65594 Dehrn / Runkel

Telefon:    ( Support only per Email.)
 Mo-Fr von 10:00 bis 15:00 Uhr.
14 Ct/Minute aus dem Festnetz, maximal 42 Ct/Minute aus den Mobilfunknetzen.

Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany only offers you support via email.
We will not be able to offer website construction kits
free of charge in the future an expensive hotline and the associated employees,
(this does not apply to inquiries according to § 5 TMG, i.e. questions in connection
with the responsibility of Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany as a service provider
as well as questions or explanations about a contract concluded between
Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany and the customer, e.g. the right of withdrawal).


Andreas Dezius  Owner (CEO)
Pamela Coetzee
Technic Layout and Support (CTO)
Andrew May      Web Advertiser (CTO)
Andre               Advertiser  (CTO)

Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany 

E-Mail: a.dezius@gmai.com


Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany-distribution 

Our contact person processes inquiries regarding the booking of online advertising :

Recipient : Andreas Dezius

Anschrift: Andreas Dezius
c/o Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany
Steedener Weg
65594 Runkel/Dehrn

Radio SAM Broadcaster  Germany 


E-Mail: a.dezius@gmail.com

Radio SAM Broadcaster  Germany

-Protection of minors
Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany strives to comply with the protection of minors at all times.
Do you have complaints?
or suggestions for the protection of minors at
Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany, please contact us
E-Mail: a.dezius@gmail.com


Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany attaches great importance to good cooperation .
Therefore we always process your inquiries with the highest priority.
Please note that we treat the user information very confidentially and
therefore only with
give valid reasons and in response to written inquiries.
In the interest of a speedy processing of your request,
we recommend the following
Communicate essential information



Radio SAM Broadcaster  Germany

Copyright :
including layout, Font and color design of the websites.as for Web Pictures and Layouts
The reproduction and use of this Information and / or data as well as any
kind of copy or reproduction is required
prior written consent from Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany.
Violations become legal
tracked. All Music advertised on Radio SAM Broadcast Germany is full owned
by Artists, and may not be copyed nor sold or Shared. All Music that is played on the Radio Station
are been Bought by the radio station ,or been give from the Singers that we Advertise on our Web.

For the legal framework for our website, please refer to our
General terms and conditions.
Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany supports your creativity and attaches great importance
to the protection of work on the Website,and is
copyright 2021.




Radio SAM Broadcaster  Germany

- disclaimer :

Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany is not liable for the content of user publications;
this applies especially for cases in which the content posted by users violates the intellectual
Ownership (trademark rights, copyrights, etc.) or against
the personal rights of third parties violated.
This disclaimer also applies to the content of websites that are published by
linked to users without the knowledge of Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany.
The Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany therefore takes
over no guarantee for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality
of there information provided and hereby expressly distances itself from it Content.
Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany is also a permanent control of the content of the users posted
Contents as well as the linked third-party pages are not possible
and without concrete clues a violation of the law is also unreasonable.
As soon as the Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany, however, is harmful to young people Content or
legal violations should become known, such content will be deleted immediately removed.

Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany

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