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What We Like
  • Provides a great mix of instrumental music

  • Keeps a history of all the music played that day

  • A playlist file can be downloaded to listen in your own music player

What We Don't Like
  • Lots of ads in the mobile app

What We Like
  • Past shows are archived and available as free MP3s

  • Includes links to listen in iTunes and other media players

What We Like
  • Avoids mature content

  • Void of typical "buy this" commercials

  • Kids can request a song to be played

  • Musicians can submit their own music

What We Don't Like
  • The web player is extremely bare

  • No history of past songs


Not All Website Content is Equal

The problem with crowding your radio station's homepage with concert listings and the latest celebrity news is that it assumes that all website content plays the same role in your digital strategy, and is therefore equally worthy of being on the homepage. But not all content plays the same role.

One of the most important questions you can ask when designing your radio station's digital strategy is, “When people come to our website, what do we want them to do?” When I ask radio station staffs that question, all too often it turns out to be a stumper. I hear vague answers like “read stuff” or “spend lots of time on the site” or “engage.” None of these things will directly impact your radio station's bottom line.

Instead, radio broadcasters should articulate specific, quantifiable goals that can affect the station's bottom line. For example, you may want website visitors to:

  • Stream the station
  • Join the email list
  • Click on an ad
  • Enter a contest
  • Make a donation
  • Request information about advertising

When I see a radio station with an overcrowded homepage, it's often a symptom of a larger issue: The staff has not identified their digital goals; they don't know what they want people to do when they come to the website.

Once you've identified the goals of your website, you can start dividing your online content into to different categories, based on the purpose that this content serves in leading people towards these goals. The categories, in turn, determine the placement of the content on your station's website, including which are worthy of being on the homepage.

How It Works


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