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Andrew May / Andre  / Pamela Coetzee / Andreas Dezius
Andreas Dezius Executive Board member,  Co-founder and former of
Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany, ,
Former member of the Board of The Team of Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany of
Former of 14 Internet Radio Stations in Germany run by Zeno Media.   and
Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany.  System administrator (web hosting) /
Web Developer (user interface, data, code, infrastructure) 
music and code for a hobby.






 Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany is our Main Radio Station in Germany Gone are the days of wondering where to go , or are you going to miss out, Or dare we say, that you missed out on a life changing event….No need to go to different websites, only here, one place….all in one. ‘ Radio SAM Broadcsater Germany’strive to work closely with all different artists and their support to give you up to date fixtures as they happen, so you can plan and attend. ‘ ‘ Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany’’ wants to be part of your journey to that life changing event. Even more, follow us on social media and let’s share that special life changing event. We built ‘Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany’ for YOU…….. For you to NEVER miss that amazing event. We strive to, at all times, try to take the hassle out of finding out where that favourite artist is performing, have a look at some other artists also performing, and at what venue it is going to be held, at what time, and maybe it will be the end of life as you know it. We love radio! Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany makes life a little easier for everyone who feels the same way. We offer you the opportunity to listen to internet radio from all over the world in a particularly uncomplicated manner and free of charge. With the push of a button, you can also record it very easily thanks to Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany. Don't you ever want to miss your favorite internet radio radio again? Our tools make it possible! You can put together your own program in the Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany player, in the app and directly on our website. This is then conveniently recorded and saved for you. If you just want to listen to your favorite online radio stations, you can of course do so here: You can click through the music genres or topics you want and you will find enough material to stream continuously for days! Here, the many German channels are just a few clicks away from the small regional channel from Italy. Thanks to the radio cloud, you don't even have to turn on your computer or smartphone to record, you don't even have to be at home. The scheduled shows are simply saved in the cloud, where you can easily stream them or download them for later use. Radio programs and tips - radio plays and more That's all well and good, but you don't even know what you want to hear in the wide landscape of internet radio? No wonder, after all, there are many of programs on all sorts of genres. Our editorial team therefore studies the radio program every week and always has a few tips ready to make your choice easier: There is also something for the little listeners on a separate page for children. Do you want to let off steam in the wide world of internet radio? Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany makes this particularly easy for you. You can listern completely free of charge and without obligation. In your own account under “Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany” you can start immediately, put together your own program and use the free radio cloud storage of two hours. In the download area you will find the Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany players for PC and Mac and the app is available for free download in the app store for iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

Our Radio Station in English with Great Music to Enjoy,on our Other Website in Germany.

Radio SAM Boadcaster Germany.FM provides the pleasure of listening to online radio stations all over the world. The most popular radio station are carefully selected by the creators of Radio SAM Boadcaster Germany.FM and by you! You can add your favourite radio station individually to our selection. Fact is that you living in a specific country, Afrikaans, Schlager Music, Oldies But Goldies, Pop and Dance might have more understanding of the internet radio radio industry in your own nation.


Becoming the largest
Radio SAM Boadcaster Germany.FM formulated its mission of becoming the largest online internet radio provider of the world. This of course with a high degree in quality, ease of use and simplicity. Everyone can listen his or her favourite radio station with only one click. Just select your Country ,Afrikaans, Schlager Music, Oldies But Goldies, Pop and Dance and your favourite radio station and enjoy.

Help us

You can not only help us with optimalzing our site with all the radio stations over the world..

With the multitude of online radio stations that are available, picking your favorite should be easy. Below is our hand-picked links of the absolute best online radio stations for a variety of genres.

You'll find a Country ,Afrikaans, Schlager Music, Oldies But Goldies, Pop and Dance music radio station, a station perfect for party music, and several others. Each of these picks has music selected by one or more DJs, much like a traditional radio station. In fact, some are just online streams of the same radio program played over the air in that station's local area.

Please note that these websites are true radio programs, not on-demand music streaming services. While a streaming music service gives you the freedom to play specific tracks and eliminates commercials, you have to manually pick and choose category Country ,Afrikaans, Schlager Music, Oldies But Goldies, Pop and Dance, etc., making music discovery fun and easy.

Radio SAM Boadcaster Germany.FM is a online music streaming service curated by human beings, not algorithms. We believe that the human touch makes a difference in the listening experience.
Founded in 2016, Radio SAM Boadcaster Germany.FM was one of the very first music streaming platforms to feature multiple channels and with options that allow listeners to customize their experience.

We support and promote our friends that was at that time playing in some of the local upcoming bands, and give our other local musicians a way through which they could share their music to their South African fans, and hopefully internationally.

We are a dedicated and unique team of music lovers and professionals brought together from all walks of life and from all around the World, from all over South Africa, and Europa ,all with one thing in common... our love and passion for music!

WE OFFER MUSIC , AN AUTO DJ AND DJS THAT WILL BE ADDED TIME BY TIME TO SHARE MUSIC WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY NEWS,PICTURES,Djs ON A SATURDAY NIGHT ON Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany. All we ask is that you share or Homepage,Facebook Group,and Google Bloggers and be Kind to sighn into our Geustbook as return we add you a as friend on Facebook, and put an small partnet banner on our Page to help to share also your Homepage around the World ,Thankyou your Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany Team .

Internetradio Radio SAM Broadcaster GermanyRadio SAM Broadcaster Germany

Since then we've grown from our original three channels -- Schlager Music", "Disco Dance and Pop" and "Modern Rock " – to nearly 16 websites in more than 50 different musical genres. And they are all curated by people with knowledge and passion for the music.

Finally, there are two other things that set Radio SAM Boadcaster Germany.FM apart from other streaming service. Our listeners are welcome to skip as many radio stations as they want and Radio SAM Boadcaster Germany.FM ,is always 100% free. There is no upsell or subscription plan. Just lots and lots of great music.

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“Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany ” for Radio Stations

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Here is a few cds we play on Radio SAM International Music, Music for every one to enjoy.




Welcome to Radio SAM Broadcaster Germany another Internet Radio Station 2021,with top music to enjoy,broadcasting Live from Germany on a weekend with  Dj Nighthawk and a Auto Dj ,that Entertains you 24/7 around the clock,were ever you are you can tune-in and enjoy our music,with Top Singers from South Africa and Top Singer from Germany.









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